Companion Animal Division

Trouw Nutrition USA, a Nutreco company, is a global leader in companion animal nutrition. As a nutrition-focused company, we provide the safest, highest-quality vitamin and mineral premixes, pre-blends and exclusive functional ingredients to the pet food industry.

Our Companion Animal team focuses 100% on animal well-being and safety. We pride ourselves on taking the necessary steps to confirm ingredients and finished products meet or exceed our customer’s standards. Extensive internal quality control procedures specify how every premix is evaluated and touched by our staff an average of 101 times before it leaves our facilities. Combined with our commitment to procuring only the finest ingredients, we are fully committed to protecting our customers’ brands and ensuring pets receive the safest, highest-quality food.

Our vision is To Nourish the World’s Pets. Our four-legged friends are more than just pets; they are members of the family. Trouw Nutrition is dedicated to providing these family members with the optimal vitamins and minerals formulated for their well-being.

Our mission is: "As a nutrition-focused company, we provide the safest, highest-quality blends and ingredients to the pet food industry giving pets a healthier, happier life."

Our formula for success is simple: Trusted. Premium. Focused. Safe. We live by these words every day because we want to be your trusted partner.