Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Trouw Nutrition USA's manufacturing facilities and laboratories include two premix plants located in Highland, Illinois; one plant in Neosho, Missouri; and a feed mill in Strykersville, NY. At each premix plant, we have a laboratory evaluating ingredients and finished product. We also have a laboratory located in Wyandotte, Michigan.

Highland, Illinois Plants – 2018 Premix Manufacturer of the Year

The Trouw Nutrition USA Highland premix plant won the the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA)’s 2018 Premix Manufacturing Category in the Feed Facility of the Year Awards, which recognize overall excellence in feed manufacturing operations and serves as a first-class benchmarking program for the animal feed industry.

The Highland plant has been manufacturing vitamin, mineral and base premixes for over 35 years. This plant is 100% focused and dedicated to companion animals. The facility has a wide range of blending and packaging capabilities, with unique processes that allow for the handling of fine, free-flowing materials, as well as those with sticky flow characteristics. Our manufacturing area is climate-controlled, with calibration and verification processes on all of our weighing devices.

The Trouw Nutrition USA Highland processing plant offers flexibility in manufacturing a wide range of premixes and basemixes in addition to toll manufacturing for animal health products. In operation for 40 years, this plant employs a very experienced, dedicated workforce to serve the needs of our customers.

Neosho, Missouri Premix Plant – 2016 Feed Facility of the Year

In 2016, our Neosho, Missouri premix plant earned prestigious recognition as the Premix Manufacturer Category Winner and Overall Winner of the 2016 Feed Facility of the Year, a national contest conducted by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and Feedstuffs.

This facility offers flexibility to meet each of our customers’ unique requirements, ranging from handling specialty raw materials to fulfilling a wide variety of packaging requirements. The plant implements in-process analysis, quality control and strict on-site quality assurance programs to maintain our efforts toward excellence and satisfy the highest industry standards. 

Plant Laboratories

Our Quality Control laboratories provide an extensive quality and food safety review for all ingredients and premixes. Trouw Nutrition USA follows a comprehensive risk-based monitoring program for contaminants, such as pesticides, mycotoxins, pathogens, dioxins, and melamine.

Wyandotte, Michigan Laboratory

The Trouw Nutrition USA Wyandotte, Michigan analytical laboratory has been a leading provider of solutions for the animal nutrition industry for more than 50 years. Our professionals perform analytical assays (many of which are within the scope of an ISO 17025 certification), offer premix formulation assistance and provide unique expertise on a range of animal nutrition, quality assurance and feed mill engineering topics.  

Strykersville, New York Feed Mill

Trouw Nutrition USA’s Strykersville, New York feed mill specializes in complete and supplement feed manufacturing, providing high-quality feeds to dairy customers in the northeast. This facility has a rich history and has been part of the local community for over 60 years. The state-of-the-art facility built in 2003, combined with nutritional expertise and technologies backed by a solid research platform, enables the team to offer customers a high-value product at an affordable cost.