Entering Retirement after 40-Year Career

20 April 2020

Brad Hovatter first joined Trouw Nutrition in 1980 working in the manufacturing plant in Highland, IL. Through his illustrious career, Hovatter continually garnered recognition for his dedication and exceptional work ethic, earning him several promotions over the years and eventually to his current position, Director of Business Development.

In his sales capacity, Hovatter has forged many meaningful relationships with customers across the industry and markedly strengthened our sales team through his example, strong leadership and ongoing mentorship.

Chuck Hayden congratulates Brad Hovatter on his retirement.

Caption: Chuck Hayden, VP, Companion Animal Division and Brad Hovatter, Director of Business Development, built a business together and a friendship.

“No one has had a bigger impact on Trouw Nutrition’s success in the Companion Animal industry than Brad Hovatter,” said Chuck Hayden, VP, Trouw Nutrition CA Division. “His loyalty of 40 years to our company, his vast knowledge and his experience in blending have been the core leading factors in our ability to be the "can do," go-to blender for pet food manufacturers. Brad’s huge drive for success has kept Trouw in the lead. We sincerely thank you, Brad, for pulling all of the CA team along with you.”

As Hovatter prepared for retirement, he reflected on the friendships he’s made.

"Many things have changed in the past 40 years during my time working with our company,” said Hovatter. “Our name alone has changed over five times. We started with around 10 employees and have grown to the team we are today. The one thing that hasn’t changed are the people that make up the Trouw Nutrition CA team! I’m truly blessed to have been able to work with so many great people over the years. I wish everyone the best. Stay safe and remember we are #1 in our industry because of the hard work, dedication and different talents each one of you brings to our company!"

Although Hovatter’s last day of full-time employment with Trouw Nutrition was May 22, he will continue to assist the company with the transition. The entire Trouw Nutrition team wishes Brad the best and thanks him for his ongoing support.