Trouw Nutrition Employees Celebrate 30 and 40-Year Anniversaries

14 February 2020

Elisa Kimberlin Celebrates 30 Years with Trouw Nutrition and Monty Barker Celebrates 40

Two Trouw Nutrition employees are celebrating two incredible milestones with the company. Elisa Kimberlin, Customer Service Representative, celebrated her 30th anniversary with Trouw Nutrition on January 30, and Monty Barker, Operations Productivity Leader for the U.S., celebrated his 40th anniversary on March 31.

Elisa Kimberlin, Customer Service Representative, celebrates 30 years with Trouw Nutrition."Trouw has given me the opportunity to learn, grow and excel," said Kimberlin. "I am proud to be part of this organization. I am a people person and a pet lover, and working for Trouw allows me to combine both passions. What a perfect place for my career!"  

Barker also speaks fondly of his time at Trouw Nutrition.

Monty ?Barker, Operations Productivity Leader for the U.S., is celebrating 40 years with Trouw Nutrition."I am extremely honored to be fortunate enough to work for a company that provides challenges and opportunities," said Barker. "I continue to learn and share my knowledge and experience with others as we collectively work toward meeting the company's objectives. Time has surely flew by; it doesn't seem like 40 years."

Trouw Nutrition is honored to employ such hard-working, dedicated employees and congratulates Elisa and Monty on their tremendous accomplishments!