Trouw Nutrition Plans Big Reveal at Petfood Forum

13 September 2021

Kansas City, MO, September 13, 2021 – Months ago, Trouw Nutrition, a global leader in companion animal nutrition, launched a teaser campaign informing pet food industry members that the company will make a big announcement at Petfood Forum.

Petfood Forum, the premiere event of the pet food industry, runs September 22-24 at the Kansas City Convention Center. Event participants can visit Trouw Nutrition at Booth 720 when the Exhibit Hall opens at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 23, to learn the impactful news first-hand. Those who sign up online will receive an email simultaneously with detailed information.

Trouw Nutrition will also distribute the latest edition of the Trouw Pet Nutrition Outlook, a scholarly journal published each year. Written by Dr. Tayler Hansen, Companion Animal Nutritionist, and Dr. Trevor Faber, Director of Companion Animal Nutrition and Technical Services, this sixth edition focuses on Specialty Blends.

“From safety concerns to special ingredients to manufacturing challenges, there are plenty of reasons why pet food manufacturers require Specialty Blends, pet food premixes or blends that necessitate unique handling and/or customizations beyond a typical premix,” said Dr. Faber. “Trouw Nutrition’s latest Pet Nutrition Outlook explains the science behind Speciality Blends and how manufacturers can use them to differentiate their brand in a crowded market.”

Every Petfood Industry subscriber will receive this latest edition of the Trouw Pet Nutrition Outlook with the October edition of the magazine.

Consistent with event tradition, Trouw Nutrition will distribute free custom-designed T-shirts and will showcase adorable puppies, guaranteed to help participants smile and relax. The booth also features a comfortable lounge area, free beverages and light snacks.

The team is excited to meet in person but continues to make safety a top priority. Masks will be worn in accordance with current state mandates, and extra masks will be made available to participants visiting Trouw Nutrition’s booth. Hand sanitizer will also be available, and efforts will be made to social distance as much as feasibly possible. Visit Booth 720 to safely meet the Trouw Nutrition team and get answers to your pet food nutrition questions.

Terri Boeser, General Manager of Trouw Nutrition’s U.S. Companion Animal Division said, “I look forward to seeing everyone at Petfood Forum! I hope you visit our booth (720) to meet the puppies, pick up this year’s t-shirt, and most exciting – chat with the Trouw Nutrition team about our new Blending Innovation Center! Kansas City, here we come!”

Pet food industry members can sign up to be one of the first to know Trouw Nutrition’s big news, slated to be revealed at Petfood Forum.






Caption: Pet food industry members can sign up to be one of the first to know Trouw Nutrition’s big news, slated to be revealed at Petfood Forum.

About Trouw Nutrition
Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company, is a global leader in providing the companion animal industry with technology-based ingredients originating from sound research and development. At our facilities, we offer the highest-quality vitamin and mineral premixes, pre-blends, and exclusive functional ingredients. At Trouw Nutrition, we transform technology into products that improve the performance and well-being of companion animals. Headquartered in The Netherlands, the company has locations in 28 countries and employs approximately 8,500 people.

About Petfood Forum
Petfood Forum, organized and hosted by WATT Global Media and Petfood Industry, is the pet food industry’s global conference and exhibition focused on research and technologies utilized in the development, formulation and processing of pet food and treats. Petfood Forum is the pet food industry’s must-attend event for global networking and business, as well as for education on the latest research and trends in pet food manufacturing.

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