Trouw Nutrition Takes Precautions against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

16 March 2020

The health, safety, and welfare of our customers and employees remains our highest priority. Accordingly, we recognize that COVID-19 has become a growing concern. Our executive management and employees are taking this situation very seriously. By following the CDC's guidelines, staying aligned with industry protocols, and adjusting as new information becomes available, we are navigating through this situation. Our commitment is to continue to serve our customers well, ensure the health and well-being of our employees, and continue to stay close to this situation.

We have a business continuity plan in place and have already taken precautionary steps in response:

  • We have equipped our employees with the tools, best practices, and information they need to manage and protect themselves and our operations from COVID-19.
  • We have temporarily restricted non-critical, business-related travel for our associates, and all employees that can work from home are working remotely until further notice. 
  • Our manufacturing sites continue to operate on a regular schedule. 
  • We have postponed large meetings, events, and social activities and are utilizing electronic communications to conduct business when possible.
  • We are asking our employees to respect guidelines and policies put in place by our customers concerning interaction with outside parties.

Our thoughts go out to those who have been affected by the virus, and we extend our gratitude to all the healthcare workers, governments and communities who are working tirelessly to contain the virus. 

We are here to help. Should you need assistance or additional information, contact your local representative.