Trouw Nutrition USA supports the Arizona Pet Project

10 March 2017

Trouw Nutrition USA had the privelege of sponsoring and attending the Hero Awards in Scottsdale, Arizona hosted by The Arizona Pet Project.

Laura Johnson, West Coast Territory Sales Manager, represented Trouw Nutrition USA at this inspiring evening that celebrated animal and human heroes alike and provided the crowd with stories of survival, companionship and acts of heroism – all in the name of raising money for life-saving spay and neuter programs.

"Spaying and neutering pets prevents hundreds of thousands of unwanted dogs and cats from entering our Valley shelters. Through our free spay and neuter program, we provided 8,600 free surgeries in 2015-2016. This service is critical because every two spay/neuter surgeries we perform in Maricopa County save one life by directly reducing euthanasia in our shelters by one dog or cat. It's the most cost-effective way to support families and save pets," said an Arizona Pet Project representative.

As a result of attending the event, Trouw Nutrition USA was invited to a meeting at the PetSmart corporate offices to give a presentation about our company and discuss possible partnership opportunities.

About The Arizona Pet Project

At The Arizona Pet Project, our primary goal is preventing pet homelessness by keeping families with pets together. Oftentimes, pet owners can't afford to care for their animals and they surrender them at shelters. The reasons are many—owners may have lost their jobs or their homes, suffered an illness, or had a divorce or death in the family. Or their pet may have gotten sick and they can't pay the veterinary bills.

Surrendering a pet to a shelter where they are frequently euthanized is a tragedy we want to avoid. We're here to support families by keeping their pets healthy and safe. Animals bring comfort, joy, healing and health, and we believe those benefits shouldn't be restricted to a very small percentage of owners who can afford the best care and resources pets deserve.