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  • Selko Cremalto

    Selko Cremalto is a patent-pending calcium gluconate in fat matrix. In recent studies, Trouw Nutrition research has shown an increases in milk fat yield when Cremalto was fed to lactating dairy cows.

    Geographic restrictions apply.
  • Selko Fibosel

    Fibosel® is a tailor-made β-glucan that boosts the animal’s natural self-defense system and performance.

  • Selko IntelliBond

    Selko IntelliBond is proven to be an effective source of manganese, copper and zinc for animals via research evaluations conducted at several respected universities and research institutes.

  • Elarom-F Plus

    Elarom®-F Plus is a proprietary blend of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) and short chain fatty acids (SCFA) that have been demonstrated to help stabilize the microbiota of pigs and may boost gut wall integrity.

  • Selko ProHydro

    Selko ProHydro is a synergistic blend of free and highly buffered organic acids that effectively reduces the pH of drinking water.

  • Selko POmix

    Selko POmix is a blend of natural antioxidants used to enhance the flavor of poultry and swine feed.

  • Selko TNIbetain

    Selko TNIbetain aids in balancing the concentration of water and osmolytes in cells and enhances the growth, activity and vitality of cells.

  • Optimin

    Optimin organic trace minerals are soluble and ready for absorption and thrive when the animal needs them most, increasing the probability of nutritional success.