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  • Combiacid

    Combiacid is a dry acidifier containing a blend of inorganic and organic acids used to reduce the pH of feed to aid in efficient digestion.

  • Elarom-F Plus

    Elarom®-F Plus is a proprietary blend of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) and short chain fatty acids (SCFA) that have been demonstrated to help stabilize the microbiota of pigs and may boost gut wall integrity.

  • MarcroGard

    MarcroGard® is rich in activated and purified beta 1,3/1,6 glucans that are extracted from a specially selected strain of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, making it unique and significantly more bioactive than other products containing intact yeasts with complete cell walls.

  • Myco-Lock 500 NC

    Myco-Lock® 500 NC is a granulated and buffered dry product containing a label-guaranteed 50% propionic acid that helps maintain optimum feed performance by stabilizing nutrient quality and feed palatability and preserving the shelf life of feed.

  • Myco-Lock H.C.S. NC

    Myco-Lock® H.C.S. NC is an EPA-registered, liquid-buffered acid preservative for hay, grain, silage and feed blends.

  • PowerProp

    PowerProp™ is a liquid mold inhibitor product with the highest concentration of buffered propionic acid in the marketplace.

  • Protimax® for Swine

    Protimax may improve performance and maintain feed intake when animals face specific health challenges.

  • ProtiOne®

    ProtiOne® Technology is a patented formulation strategy that was developed to reduce SDPP in starter pig diets with the addition of Protimax®.

  • Selko POmix

    Selko POmix is a blend of natural antioxidants used to enhance the flavor of poultry and swine feed.

  • Selko ProHydro

    Selko ProHydro is a synergistic blend of free and highly buffered organic acids that effectively reduces the pH of drinking water.