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  • Beneo Inulin

    Inulin is found in plant foods as a water-soluble dietary fiber and is a known prebiotic that can support the digestive system.

  • Optimin

    Optimin organic trace minerals are soluble and ready for absorption and thrive when the animal needs them most, increasing the probability of nutritional success.

  • PurforMSM

    PurforMSM is a USA‚Äźmanufactured feed ingredient that helps promote comfort and mobility in active or aging equine and companion animals.

  • Selko TNIbetain

    Selko TNIbetain aids in balancing the concentration of water and osmolytes in cells and enhances the growth, activity and vitality of cells.

  • Tasco

    Tasco is a natural ingredient derived from marine kelp that helps pets maintain gastrointestinal tract health and enables them to cope with stress.