Selko IntelliBond

Trace minerals are essential to ensure animal health and optimized productivity by directly supporting tissue integrity, enzymatic processes, growth and productivity requirements and bone development. Selko IntelliBond is proven to be an effective source of manganese, copper and zinc for animals via research evaluations conducted at several respected universities and research institutes. It contains very low solubility above a ​pH of 4.0, resulting in significantly less interactions in the feed/premix and ​upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract in poultry and swine. This important benefit, combined with a gradual release of product from the Selko IntelliBond crystal, ensures that more mineral is available for absorption and use by the ​animal where it is needed. ​ ​

Selko IntelliBond M (manganese hydroxychloride), C (basic copper ​chloride) and Z (zinc hydroxychloride) represent the latest, most technically ​advanced trace mineral technology designed to deliver more to the ​animal’s bloodstream, driving optimized animal health and productivity, ​while remaining cost-effective.

Product Data Sheet IntelliBond M

Product Data Sheet IntelliBond C

Product Data Sheet IntelliBond Z