Caring About Our Customers

Caring is one of Trouw Nutrition's Core Values, and no team better demonstrates a heartfelt commitment to this virtue than the company's Customer Service team. Defined as “eager to help others, attention to detail, consistency, protecting the brand, willing to take ownership of issues,” Caring plays a central role in how the Customer Service team operates every day, with a first-class dedication to the success of our customers. Today we pay tribute to Rebecca Betts, our newest member of our loyal Customer Service team.

Customer Service Rep Rebecca Betts delivers exceptional customer service to Trouw Nutrition customers.Rebecca Betts

Years with Trouw: 2

Pets’ Names and Breeds: Sophia (Boxer), Aspen (Border Collie), Blu (Tabby), Missy (Quarter Horse), Zanna (Quarter Horse) 

Hobbies: Hiking, fishing, woodworking, photography, breeding/raising American Boer goats

I Cannot Live Without: Coffee

Fun Fact: When I was young, I wanted to grow up and show dogs.

Favorite Part of Being in Customer Service: I enjoy problem-solving and helping our customers reach their everyday business goals.

Quote: I love being part of such a great team. We are all passionate about what we do, and we are there to support one another when the need arises.