Caring about Your Brand

At Trouw Nutrition, our Customer Service team cares not just about assisting our customers, but also about furthering the success of your business and advancing your brands in the marketplace. The Customer Service team understands our customers and provides the individual attention you deserve. Today we pay tribute to Customer Service Representative Sarah Armbruster.

Sarah Armbruster, Customer Service Representative at Trouw Nutrition, best exhibits the company's Caring Core Value.

Years with Trouw: 25

Pets’ Names and Breeds: Bella (Italian Greyhound), Daphnie (Doberman Pinscher), Velma (Doberman Pinscher)

Hobbies: Swimming, flowers in my backyard, anything Disney

I Cannot Live Without: My family

Fun Fact: I love going to Disney.

Favorite Part of Being in Customer Service: The camaraderie of our team

Quote: "The Customer Service team's combined years of experience equates to a really old person. Together, we are an elder to be respected."