Custom Solutions

Trouw Nutrition provides custom pet food base blends, premixes and rip-and-tip blends to pet food manufacturers.

Because of their small inclusion rate and delicate state, vitamins and trace minerals require to be added via a premix or blend. Premixes and blends ensure that the active ingredients are evenly dispersed throughout the final product, making a better and safer pet food.

When you work with Trouw Nutrition, you gain more than a supplier; you gain a partner in companion animal nutrition. Our expert nutritionists will customize a unique premix or blend to achieve your nutritional goals and functional claims.

As your partner, we assume the great responsibility and tremendous risk associated with adding vitamins and trace minerals to a premix. In excess, these active ingredients can cause significant harm to cats and dogs, making safety a primary concern. Every premix receives an average of 101 quality checks to ensure its safety and to protect your brand.

To create a better pet food and protect your brand, read more about our Base Blends, Premixes and Rip-and-Tip Blends.