Make Safer Pet Food with Premixes

Premixes provide pet food with more uniform dispersion of key vitamins and minerals, while significantly reducing your risk of reaching toxic levels of a nutrient.

Trouw Nutrition provides vitamin premixes, trace mineral premixes and vitamin-trace mineral premixes to safely and evenly distribute nutrients throughout the pet food.High-potency vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals added into the finished formula at very low inclusion rates require premixing to better disperse them into the final food. Failing to achieve a homogenous mixture in the final product can result in a range of ailments in pets, including vomiting, dizziness, loss of muscular coordination, birth defects, and liver problems.

Custom Formulations
Trouw Nutrition custom formulates the majority of our vitamin and trace mineral premixes, giving us the experience to tailor your premixes to your precise specifications and goals. From non-GMO to grain-free to organic to vegetarian to vegan to dog breed-specific, we’ll customize the premix to justify functionality claims.

Our nutrition experts consider carriers, densifiers, diluents, binders and ingredient interaction to develop a quality premix, precisely formulated to achieve peak homogeneity and effective, efficient delivery of the active ingredients and nutrients.

As your partner in pet nutrition, we ensure:

  • Inclusion of proper nutrients in the correct forms
  • Suppliers are safe, reliable and pass our rigorous screening process
  • Ingredients undergo our extensive quality control program, ensuring their safety and high quality
  • Your product requirements and specifications are meticulously addressed

Vitamin Premixes
Vitamins vary in stability and solubility, affecting the form in which they are included and the form in which they will ultimately be delivered, whether it be dry or liquid feed. Minerals tend to adversely affect vitamins, making straight vitamin premixes more advantageous to their stability, while minimizing potency loss. With the right formulation, vitamin premix shelf life can last up to six months.

Vitamins consumed in the wrong amounts can be quite toxic, making vitamin testing paramount to ensuring the safety of our pets. The ISO-certified methods Trouw Nutrition developed enable our internal lab to obtain most vitamin test results in just two days, compared to the 7-14 days customary to the industry. Thanks to our efficient processes, you receive your vitamin premix faster.

The convenience of delivering nutrients via a premix provides a great deal of flexibility in varying inclusion rates for different product lines. Without extensive hand-adds and cumbersome weighing, vitamin premixes enable greater flexibility in formulas and supplementation.

Vitamin premixes minimize segregation, a potential source of irregular vitamin dispersion, while improving mixability. Ultimately, vitamin premixes increase the probability of nutritional success.

Mineral Premixes
If storing a premix for longer than 45 days, separating the premix into a straight vitamin premix and a straight mineral premix can lengthen the premixes’ shelf lives. Mineral premixes enjoy a longer shelf life, ranging from 12 to 24 months, due to their less volatile nature as compared to vitamin premixes.

In addition to providing only the finest ingredients vetted by our rigorous supplier approval program, mineral premixes can also benefit from the inclusion of Optimin® organic trace minerals, available exclusively from Trouw Nutrition and renowned for their ability to resist varying digestive pH levels and for their superior bond strength, providing improved feed stability and animal performance.

As with vitamin premixes, mineral elements can produce adverse effects in animals if consumed in excess. Minerals must be provided at levels sufficient to promote optimum response but low enough to provide complete safety for our pets, the pet parents serving the food, and the environment. Increasing the level of one element affects the uptake of others, making careful, meticulous formulation by our expert nutritionists a key factor in the production of safe, effective mineral premixes.

Trouw Nutrition uses energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) to verify trace mineral concentrations and to screen for potential contaminants in the premix. When outsourced, trace mineral testing can take 2-3 weeks, but with an EDXRF analyzer and certified expert on site, trace mineral testing at Trouw Nutrition takes only a few days. After passing our extensive Quality Assurance program, Trouw Nutrition issues material safety data sheet (MSDS) and certificates of analysis (CoA) authenticating the safety and high quality of the premix.

Vitamin-Trace Mineral Premixes
By combining vitamins and trace minerals into a single premix, hand-adds and the risk of ingredient error decrease even further, lessening your risk of an incriminating and costly recall. By using a Trouw Nutrition premix, we assume that burden and high risk for you.

Reducing your team’s hand-adds and ingredient weighing frees up their time for other tasks, reducing labor costs per batch and saving time. In addition to improving production efficiency, using a premix for both vitamins and trace minerals frees up micro bins and valuable warehouse space in your facility, saving money on inventory costs.

Supported by some of the most experienced production workers in the industry averaging an incredible nine-year tenure with the company, our team will exercise sophisticated hand-add technology to ensure all ingredients are added at the right levels. This is just one of the 101 quality checks that every pet premix receives on average to ensure the safety of our pets and to protect your brand.

Although combining vitamins and trace minerals into a single premix decreases shelf life to about three months, pet foods benefit from an even better dispersion of key nutrients into the finished product.

To decrease your manufacturing risks while more accurately and efficiently distributing key nutrients, contact your Trouw Nutrition Representative, call 800.365.1357 or email