Maximize Efficiency with Rip-and-Tip Blends

Take the cost savings and reduced risk of premixes and make them even more efficient and convenient with Rip-and-Tip Blends!

Trouw Nutrition's Rip-and-Tip Blends just need to be cut (ripped) and dumped (tipped), saving pet food manufacturers valuable time and making their employees' job easier.Better Pet Food
Rip-and-Tip Blends still offer all the conveniences and benefits of a premix:

  • Save time and labor costs by reducing cumbersome hand-adds and ingredient weighing
  • Free up micro-bins and valuable warehouse space 
  • Reduce risk of a recall by relying on Trouw Nutrition’s electronic hand-add system, experienced trained production workers and extensive quality control program
  • Include top-of-the-line ingredients provided by our thoroughly vetted suppliers
  • Make a better pet food with vitamins and trace minerals optimally dispersed

Greater Convenience
In addition to all of the aforementioned benefits, Rip-and-Tip Blends maximize efficiency and convenience. We’ll tailor the size of the Rip-and-Tip Blend to be exactly the amount required for your particular production run so that your employees don’t waste time measuring and weighing the correct amount. Your team just needs to cut (rip) and dump the bag (tip), saving them valuable time and making their job easier. This convenient option also eliminates the hassle of dealing with partial bags.

To maximize plant efficiencies and place less stress on your employees, contact your Trouw Nutrition Representative, call 800.365.1357 or email to discuss your Rip-and-Tip Blend.