Science and Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is very important to Trouw Nutrition, which is why we put a companywide proactive program in place that safeguards the quality of our products and services. This program is known as Nutrace® Plus. Just as importantly, it improves operations and profitability for our customers and food chain partners.

The five pillars of the Nutrace program set the standards for our business: Certified Quality, Ingredient Assessment and Management, Monitoring & Control, Risk Management, and Tracking & Tracing. Strict quality assurance steps are in place to manage, monitor and confirm our blends are “Pet Food Ready.”

Certified Quality & Food Safety guarantees consistent formulation and production of high-quality, reliable premixes. To support this initiative, Trouw Nutrition has implemented these certifications at our plants: SQF, FAMI-QS, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, Organic Handler, Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, Ractopamine-Free and Restricted Use Protein Product-Free, as well as internal systems and procedures.

Ingredient Assessment and Management ensures that healthy, safe and sustainable raw materials are used in our premix production. We only use approved ingredients and suppliers that have passed our rigorous internal approval process. Any new suppliers are evaluated carefully before being approved in our system.

Monitoring & Control ensures that our premixes are safe. We follow a harmonized and comprehensive global monitoring program that covers undesirable substances, from raw materials to finished premixes. This standard also includes a rapid alert and follow-up system, as well as an external notification procedure.

Risk Management ensures an effective and professional response should an emergency arise. Trouw Nutrition operates a comprehensive integrated risk management, food safety management and crisis management protocol so correct decisions are made to minimize risks and correctly handle adverse situations.

Tracking & Tracing ensure rapid, efficient information flow between Trouw Nutrition companies, our suppliers, customers and buyers. Lab RetrieverTM, Trouw Nutrition's proprietary laboratory information management system (LIMS), precisely traces premix batches back to their raw material components, providing accurate and accessible data on all ingredients, production processes and deliveries. 

Together, these pillars form the foundation of Trouw Nutrition's quality assurance program to ensure the safety of our products and services and to protect our customers' brands.