At Trouw Nutrition USA, we take quality management to the highest level. We are committed to workplace safety, food sustainability and superior quality of our products and services. Today's globalized and highly complex food supply chain involves many potential safety risks. Companion animal and livestock nutrition feed producers play a crucial role in securing trust throughout all of these links, from raw materials to the supermarket aisle.

Health and Safety

Trouw Nutrition USA is dedicated to the elimination of occupational hazards in all of our facilities. We vigorously pursue a “zero” target for health and safety standards that includes:

  • Well publicized and easily understood policies
  • Proactive awareness and training
  • Effective safety supervision
  • Ongoing compliance and best practice audits along with follow-up monitoring
  • Recognition of important safety milestones
  • Contractor safety policy
  • Violence and harassment policy


Trouw Nutrition USA employees and customers have a passion for animal nutrition. We share a deep commitment to food sustainability and care deeply about the environment and society that we will impart to future generations.

Trouw Nutrition USA invests in understanding the environmental impact and climate effect associated with its activities and products. We strive to mitigate negative impact, either by reduction or an equivalent positive action.


Nutrace® is a company-wide proactive program to assure feed-to-food quality. Nutrace safeguards the quality of Nutreco products and services and improves operations and profitability for our customers and food chain partners.