Advanced Technologies for More Accurate Nutritional Management

The increasingly competitive and complex nature of the food industry means that suppliers have to overcome many new regulatory and operational challenges.

While feed costs can account for as much as 70% of the overall production budget, the availability of raw materials is in decline, prices are becoming more volatile and competition is becoming more intense. In addition, as animal and plant genetics evolve, nutrition also must be adapted to ensure optimum levels of efficiency.

Trouw Nutrition understands the challenges you face. That is why we have developed NutriOpt®, which utilizes the latest developments in science, economics and technology to precisely calculate the most efficient nutritional strategy to match your needs and the market conditions at any given time.

Our experience encompasses a wide range of animal production methods, and we provide detailed animal models based on accurate data, which can help you manage common risks and optimize nutrition.

When used simultaneously, these components make it possible to fine-tune your feeding strategy with high accuracy. They precisely calculate the most economically efficient approach under current market conditions that will give you the optimal results you desire.

NutriOpt Key Benefits

  • Direct access to Trouw Nutrition expertise
  • Increased accuracy and predictability
  • Simplified decision-making process
  • Focus on both technical and business performance
  • Optimized nutrition, improved profitability

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