With unique, species-specific solutions, Trouw Nutrition addresses today’s and tomorrow’s needs for pet owners, farmers and home-mixers, feed producers, integrators and distributors.

Companion Animals

Our lines of technology-based companion ingredients, specialty products and premixes provide an ideal mix of precise nutritional formulation and wholesome, top-quality products. From growth and development through to the special needs of companion animals, we offer a wide range of trusted nutrition solutions that consider the individual needs of each pet.

Trouw Nutrition offers quality dog food premix.


Improving average daily gain at the lowest input cost is challenging, even with good commodity prices. At Trouw Nutrition, our teams of advisors, dealers, researchers and nutritionists have the resources and knowledge to make a difference in your ruminants operation for beef cattle, dairy calves or cows, sheep, dry cows, goats, heifers, lambs or veal calves. Nutrition Advisors and dealers are valued and dependable partners, who work in collaboration with our customers to maximize profitability, maintain herd health and reduce environmental impact.

dairy cows