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Trouw Nutrition USA is an international leader providing the companion animal industry with technology-based solutions originating through comprehensive research and development. Our efforts lead to the discovery and introduction of new, unique and improved pet food ingredients. As a global leader in the industry for more than seven decades, Trouw Nutrition USA offers innovative and safe nutrition solutions for pets and equine. We blend resources into products that improve the performance and well-being of companion animals and strive to develop premium programs, innovative solutions and services that fulfill the needs of our customers.

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At Trouw Nutrition USA, we offer a wide variety of ingredients that can be blended or sold individually to meet your business needs. We will collaborate with your team to understand your unique requirements and align testing and production accordingly. When you purchase ingredients and blends from Trouw Nutrition USA, you can be confident that the products are pet-ready.

Trouw Nutrition USA offers a broad range of specialized products, animal and economic models, and services that enable our customers to optimize their business by gaining better insight and making sound decisions. That is why our promise is Creating More Value Together. 

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