Tom Best

Tom Best, Director of Quality and Food Safety, Trouw Nutrition

Tom Best brings over 38 years of experience in the pet food and animal feed industry, drawn from roles in many different areas. He started his career in the silage bagging industry, revolutionizing how to manage silage quality. Transitioning to liquid feeds exposed him to many aspects of how ingredients interact when blended and how important sequencing of ingredients can be. In the mid ’90s, he started working with dry feeds, concentrates and premixes, including dispersible premixes.

Best started his Trouw career managing all aspects of Trouw’s chelated trace minerals: operations, quality, regulatory, and international and domestic sales and marketing. He mentored with the founder of Optimin® Organic Trace Minerals, Dr. Fred Madsen, and the two revitalized the Optimin product line.

In his 16-year tenure with Trouw Nutrition, he has served as the Optimin Product Manager, Manager of Safety and Regulatory Affairs, Director of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ), Commercial Livestock National Sales Manager, and now Director of Quality and Food Safety. In his current role, Best develops and implements the Quality and Food Safety program across all of Trouw’s U.S. locations. He has served on the global Quality Platform for Nutreco, Trouw Nutrition’s parent company, as well as the global HSE team. He currently serves on the global Quality Leadership Team and global XRF Expert Team. Best graduated Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting.